Solid Zinc Plated Set Screw Shaft Collar

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Solid Zinc Plated Set Screw Shaft Collar

  • Solid Carbon Steel collar with set screw tap
  • Zinc plated for effective and economical corrosion resistance
  • Zinc plating will degrade over 390°F
  • Black Oxide Set Screw

Solid shaft collars use a setscrew to lock onto the shaft. The screw is driven into the shaft to grab the surface and will typically mar the shaft as it is torqued for grip. If the shaft is harder than the setscrew the ability of the screw to hold the surface is reduced.

Bore tolerance: up to ½” +.0005”/+0.0025”, over ½” to 2” +0.0005”/+0.0030”, over 2” +0.0010”/+0.0040”

Axial load capacity is an approximation only and based on the seating torque. Use at your own risk. Do not rely on to support a load when significant lose or injury could occur. Positive locking and interference with a groove, step or recess must be used to ensure axial load capacity.

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