High Temperature Type E 4 Bolt Flange

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High Temperature Type E 4 Bolt Flange

  • 350 °F continuous service
  • 400 °F intermittent service
  • Ductile Iron Expansion Housing
  • Single Setscrew Shaft Locking Collar
  • Interchanges with Tapered E-Series Units
  • Self Aligning Spherical Roller Bearing (+/- 1-1/2°)
  • PTFE Labyrinth Seals
  • Can be greased/PM’d
  • HTB 550 Grease
Can handle heavy loads, speed, vibration, impact, and dynamically self-align at high temperature in a rugged and easy-to-install mounted bearing assembly. All bearings are equipped with PTFE labyrinth seals and are factory lubricated with our HTB550 PFPE base oil, NLGI No. 2, PTFE thickened grease. Expansion bearings can accommodate moderate axial shaft growth from thermal expansion by allowing axial movement between the housing and bearing OD. KX series bearings are designed to significantly outlast all other equivalently sized roller bearings in high-temperature service above 180°F up to their rated temperature. This is achieved with superior metallurgy, elastomers and lubrication selected explicitly for service in the specified temperature range.

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